When The Universe Is Trying To Give You A Sign But They Messed Up The Delivery

Uncategory Sep 06, 2018 06:00

Sign wars between a BBQ place and Chick-Fil-A!

Seems legit.

Can we get more people on board for #3?

Oh, the irony.

Making life easier one privacy breach at a time.

The smallest carbon footprint at the whole damn march.

Who would?

Casual racism.

A good strategy for anyone with a small deck.

"Why didn't we vaccinate you? One time I saw a meme that my yoga instructor shared on Facebook about how vaccines cause autism. Anyway, sorry your legs don't work."

We get the point.

Thank god.

It's 2018, not 2003.

No shit.


Sex education is so shit in some states that I don't doubt this conversation has happened.

Apparently that's too much to ask these days.

Andddd that’s how you go straight to hell.

"So there's chips in this aisle?"

Can't put it on the 'gram if you're dead.

So many self-inflicted injuries in one day.

Bad kitty.

You're stretching out all the bras!

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