When The News Only Broadcasts Tragedy And You Need A Reason To Smile

Uncategory Oct 03, 2018 09:00

Not the shoveler you deserve, but the one you need.

Miracles can happen.

That's weird, my eyes are sweating.

A military mother reunites with her family

Gotta let them explore on their own eventually.

Toddler making friends

What a sweet girl.

Do unto others as they would do unto you...if human.

Diver frees Whale shark from commercial fishing rope

Mister Rogers was a true saint.

Mister Rogers gets surprised by a boy who had appeared on his show

Not a bad throw either!

David Wright has his 2-year-old daughter throw out the first pitch before his last game

Time to go to school!


He may be an ass on television, but in real life he's apparently lovely.

Great, now I want a wombat.

The kid's face is pure delight.

Little kid gets to meet his idols that he mimics from the stands.

True good samaritans.

Some people really do care.

Can you really get mad for him loving you like that?

The obstacle course is important, but I love you the most.

Bless Willie!

A rarity in the cat world.

Woman rescued a cat in college and had no idea her future daughters would love it so much

Waitress gets a $200 tip!

Well said!

Love is thicker than fat.

Inside vs outside!

When your parents are old but they try to stay up and wait for you anyway.

When he lets you wear his shoes so you don't have to walk in heels.

Good boy!

Don't touch fire it hot

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