When Someone Pulls A Dick Move And Gets INSTANT KARMA Right To Their Face

Uncategory Jul 12, 2018 09:00

This is why you don't fuck with trucks.

White SUV tries to bully 18-wheeler

Hockey players don't fuck around.

She got what she deserved.

Act like jerk and people will be a jerk back to you.

Pure bully karma.

The bully's karma

Get. Fucked.

She wasn't readyyyyyyy

That didn't go well.

Guy accidentally hits the teacher, and is instantly knocked down and scolded by another student.

Off to the patty factory with you!

Tortured bull gets some back pay before his death.

Horse did nothing to deserve that so a-fuckkk you.

Horses feel pain and teach lessons.

Not even sneaky.

The adult version of putting a stick in someone's spokes

Don't park handicap if you're not disabled.

This is what happens when you park in a disabled spot in Brazil

If you hold everyone else up, you get whatever comes your way.

Not all heroes wear capes

She's still getting robbed, but at least the one guy was dumb enough to accidentally shoot his friend in the head.

Two armed punks try to rob woman, in the ensuing struggle one guy caps his accomplice

You're not supposed to slip after smashing the milk...sucker.

Grocery shopping is not for everyone

Is death really worth the lawsuit money?

You smash my windshield, I smash your ribs!

Stop inviting Chad to parties.

There always has to be a party pooper

When you try to drive around traffic but it's been raining for 3 days and your shitty crossover bottoms out in the mud.

According to the IQ bell curve, 16% of people have an IQ between 60 and 85, making 16% of this country morons.

A happy ending :)

How would this ever work...

Rule 1, never touch the statues money.

Anddd here comes the beatdown...

Let's smack the motorcyclist.

Drunk women should not fight Dutch police.

HMC while I punch a cop.

Don't bully people unless you wanna get SMACKED.

MRW I see a bunch of girls bullying somebody on the ground


Karma never felt so good.

What were you saying about trucks again?

Trucks are taking over the icy roads

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