When Some People Are Great At Designing And Engineering But Others May As Well Be Monkeys Banging Sticks Together

Uncategory Jul 17, 2018 09:00

Best seat in the house!

When you butter tray is dissolved by butter.

Welcome to Verizon, go fuck yourself.

Not everybody who sees this will get it.

Illiteracy is so romantic.

Any kid who grabs mom for her permission after this isn't worth raising.

I'd rather eat cow than Troy, but whatever.

The movie theater tried, at least.

This is why you don't design escalators willy-nilly.

If only there was a letter in "pizzA" that looked like a slice of pie...



Subliminal messaging at its finest.

Real accurate giraffe.

Then what's the point?

Honest advertising.

Perfect for naptime on humpday.

Having a kid lay in the road is cheaper than putting a permanent bump down.


Notice which bathroom placard is on each door.

Kiddie swimsuit, or child suicide bomber vest?

The middle section of these stairs is useless.

Who doesn't love a cruel joke?

Still trying.

Talking with the cowwect letters is hawd.

Perfect for any girl who wants to look like she's leaking.

Unlike the chicken, this handicapped person never crossed the road.

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