When should not take a bath because it is easily dangerous to health?

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Bathing makes many people comfortable after a tiring working day. However, bathing also needs to choose the time, if before bathing your body happens the following 5 phenomena should not be rushed.

Bathing is something everyone in our life will do. When it is hot, you must take a shower when you sweat, if it is cold, you have to shower to clean your body. However, this bath is not a shower of will, if the bath is not right at the right time will be harmful to the body, over time the body will develop disease. If before taking a bath, your body shows the following signs, it's best to stop to avoid harming yourself.

When should not take a bath because it is easily dangerous to health?

When not to shower to avoid stroke

1. When blood pressure drops

The high temperature of water when bathing will dilate the blood vessels in the body, so do not bathe when the blood pressure is low, otherwise it will easily cause insufficient blood supply and fainting.

In addition, people with low blood pressure and cardiovascular disease are also not suitable for using hot water to soak their feet, as a hot foot bath can increase the likelihood of the disease.

2. Do not take a bath if you have a fever

When you have a fever it's best not to take a bath. Because a person's own body temperature when they have a fever is relatively high.

In addition, when a person's body temperature increases to 38 ° C, the body's calorie consumption can increase by 20%, the body is relatively weak, at this time taking a shower is easy to have an accident.

When should not take a bath because it is easily dangerous to health?

3. Do not shower while drunk

We all sweat when we shower, and if we take a shower after drinking alcohol, the alcohol in the blood becomes active because the body's heat leads to increased concentration, and hot water will accelerate the blood circulation. Ours easily cause low blood pressure, increase blood viscosity, can cause heart attack, stroke,

Also because hot water promotes blood circulation, it can bring alcohol to all parts of the body, at this time will be dizzy, patients with the disease also lead to more severe consequences, so should not shower after drinking alcohol.

In addition, alcohol inhibits liver function and interferes with the release of glycogen. When you take a bath, the amount of glucose in your body goes up. Taking a shower while still drunk, the blood sugar level is not promptly replenished, prone to dizziness, dizziness, general weakness, more severe coma due to hypoglycemia.

Especially when washing hair while drunk can cause abnormalities in the functions of the blood vessels of the brain such as dizziness, vomiting.

4. Do not take a shower while under heatstroke

Just come back from the sun and feel sunstroke, you should not take a shower right away because it is easy to cause a stroke due to a sudden change in body temperature. In addition, bathing during sunstroke also causes pores to expand, cold water easily penetrates into the body, causing dizziness, headache ...

Instead, you should rest until you are well or at least 30 minutes after being outside to dry sweat and stabilize your body temperature.

When should not take a bath because it is easily dangerous to health?

5. Do not take a bath if you are naturally dizzy, your vision is reduced

Bathing makes the body feel comfortable and relaxed, but if you take a shower while you are dizzy and your vision is reduced, it can be dangerous.

Dizziness, reduced vision are 2 very familiar symptoms of stroke (also known as stroke). This is a disease that damages a part of the brain, occurring suddenly due to a blockage of blood vessels in the brain, causing anemia to feed the brain.

Stroke can cause a healthy person to suddenly collapse, go into a coma, hemiplegia, even lead to death or live with severe complications.

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