When She’s Showing Off For The Camera And Winds Up Embarrassing Herself Instead

Uncategory Apr 16, 2018 09:00

Anddd over she goes!

Hold My Cosmo while I do a backwards hand stand against this tree

High school was what, 10 years ago?

HMC while I do a backflip

You can't fault her for trying.

HMC while I make my escape.

Approximately 2 people die from being crushed by vending machines each year.

HMB while I hang by the fridge

That went as well as anyone would've expected.

I love stupid people doing stupid things...

Horses are not big fans of the ice bucket challenge.

HMC - I'm a blond on a horse

If you wanna dangle your feet, make sure you have the upper body strength to hold yourself up.

Hold my Cosmo, I'm gonna dangle my feet in the water

Can't stick the landing? Don't jump?

HMB while I jump off this trampoline.

Abs of steel!

Quick nose job

And around she goes!

HMC while I sit in a trash bin

The mosh pit isn't for everyone...

HMC while I get in the mosh pit...

Instant karma.

Instant Karma

Right in the kisser!

"Don't make me mad, Arrr!" - Mr. T

Wait for it...

Hold my Cosmo while I stand in this blow hole

Such grace and poise.

So majestic

Dead eyes full stomach.

She downed that bottle of white wine in one go

Save the beer!!

She did NOT drop the beer!

Brakes are optional, but advised.

rollerskating down a ramp

I'm not sure we can legally call this "dancing."

HMC while I dance with this guy

Free nose job anyone?

What could possibly go wrong

Chocolate shots are never as good as they sound.

Chocolate OVERKILL

Brains: not everybody has them.

She tried getting out of the chair...

Find yourself a girl who can do this and not throw up.

HMC while i show you my bottle skills

The chances of this happening are as high as the chances of her actually sinking the shot.

She tried to be cool

Wrong on every level.

HMC while I work out

That's hand cream.

How to sneak liquor in

I remember my first beer too!

HMC while I try to eat a beer

That did not go the direction I was expecting.

When your legs betray you.

The drone sees all!

Hey, watch me


Natural slide by the sea

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