When She's Had A Little Too Much Liquid Encouragement And Embarrasses Herself In Front Of Everybody

Uncategory Jul 19, 2018 09:00

Brains don't always pair with physical skill.

the gym is a dangerous place

Look ma, no hands!

That went well.

Not her first rodeo.

Made for kids 12 and under.

So manjestic.


Graceful landing

This makes sense.


thats gotta hurt

Kissing frogs is only for professionals.

Ride that surf...or not.

Gotta catch that wave...

Too far!

Went a bit over

Toilets are only for the trained.


She actually pulled it off!

HMC while I do a gainer off this cliff

Little deeper than you thought, huh?

HMC while I cross this puddle

The ultimate trust fall.

Andddd it's broken.

Seven years bad luck

Such skill.

HMC while I impress these police officers

Sibling love.

2 girls 1 cup.

One beer queer.

Last-second beer save

Anddd right onto her face.

HMC while I skate down this little hill

Great save!

The ol' faceplant to twerk combo

Little too heavy.

Hold My Cosmo while I go for a piggyback ride

The ONE TIME the table doesn't break...


There's the Money Shot!

So close, yet not at all.

Go Fast when I say HIT IT.

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