When She's Got A Lot Of Skills, They're Just Not All Useful Ones

Uncategory Sep 27, 2018 09:00

Heading into the end of the week like SPLAT.

Girl shows off her longboarding skills

I did say they were useless skills, right?


The proper way to chug a beer.

Schoolin' deez boys who don't know shit about flips!

Very skillful

The ruffest partner in town.

Line dancing


Oh...What a nice jump!.

And that's how you learn carbonated things don't like being shook.

I don’t think she understands shotgunning yet.

Not quite what they were expecting, but close to it.

HMC while we collide yoga balls

Wrong end!

Smile, you're going overboard!

Literal fire.

When your selfie is fire...

The bunt of dives.

Hold My Cosmo and I'll show you my best dive

But why were you doing it in the first place?

Blonde woman shoots a flare in the window

She actually crushes it.

And she's immediately DOWN.

American Cop is confronted by an Antifa... It was a rather short confrontation

Smooth like gravel.

Hey, watch me

FIve-minute rule applies.

HMC While we eat floor fries

Better to set it on fire instead.

Climbing a dry tree!!

She needs a new hobby.

HMC while I attempt to crush cans with my tits

Do it for the 'gram.

If I hang on this playground pole upside down.

That's karma for you.



In this case, everybody on the ground is an asshole.

Catch me I'm falling...

What was she expecting?

Better Luck Next Time

Elephants are friends, until they are not.

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