When She's Easy On The Eyes And Even Has An Amusing Talent To Show Off

Uncategory Jul 11, 2018 09:00

Casual pushups.

Nice save

Cleared it!

Yuliya Levchenko High Jump 1.96m

A talent we all wish we had.

Well.. shit

Ronaldo it in heels.

Almost perfectly synched.

Brain-busting dance technique


No egg foo young 4 u!

Pokerface Level: 100


It always helps to have a sense of humor in life.

Helping a teammate take a photo with a fan.

No burns here!

Shit's on fire, yo.

And she looks hot doing it too.

frickin' laser beams

Casual snakes NBD.

Cosplay at its finest.

In case you ever wanted to be a mermaid.

Clean catch!

Girl can draw.

She speaks seal.

Doing the Moscow boogie-woogie.

Believe or not, this women is daughter of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin


Foot Juggling On TV In 1969.

Some people read books, others...

She is skilled at foot archery

Girl got kicks.

She's always in control of the ball

So much skill that'll rarely ever get used.


Ross himself couldn't do it better.

Bob would be proud

Almost like a goat.

"Would you like to get off now?" "Nah I'm good, thanks."

Quick and efficient.

Packing cylinder roller bearings

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