When People Can't Figure Out How To Behave Properly And You Just Shake Your Head

Uncategory Aug 20, 2018 06:00

"Hi, I'm Demo Lovato, and you're watching the Disney Channel."

And her eyebrows suck too.

What a novel concept.

Just awful.

Guy made a post about his divorce, and this was a comment left underneath.

When you don't control your kids at Target.

Mom is gross.

She asked for "a lot of syrup" so she could fill up the empty bottle she brought.

The sticker says "Dead Chicks Can't Scream."

Not what she was expecting.


When you know your customer base.

Someone's ex-wife hasn't gotten over it yet...

Just what every girl wants hanging around her neck.

He went to Jared

Self-aware garbage man, or bad part of town?

This made me so sad :(

When you kiss the mirror INSIDE A PORT-O-POTTY...

People carving their names into plants at the arboretum are real assholes.

Stealing from the farmer's market, nice.

#1 fans.

When you ding your car for some Jack.

These parking spots in front of a liquor store

There's a goldfish in there :(

People are so fucking stupid.

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