When Nobody Asked But Of Course They Go And Tell You Anyway

Uncategory Aug 30, 2018 09:00

You have never been asked to apologize, ever.

Could've lead with that information...

Tell us more about your engineering degree...

Chill the fuck out over the cookies.

He's right though.

No McDonald's for you at all.

Amy Schumer plugging her own crappy movie in the comments.

Nobody cares.

Too bad they're DEAD.

I was doing just fine without this information.

Goddamn alien.


She probably drops a lot, so?

People just love to whine.

Sure you did.

"I look nice wearing them though."

Exactly how you choose a tow truck driver: whether or not he likes Israel.

I'm sure you did.

That dude has been waiting to share that fact his entire life.

At least you aren't dying.

Nobody cares about your art degree.

Then why did you bitch about the price??

"Me lift big."

What the actual fuck.

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