When Life's Got You Down And You Need A Good Reason To Smile :)

Uncategory Aug 02, 2018 09:00

Bet you smiled.

Deaf man finds out he's going to be a dad.

A nice police story for a change!

Can't waste a perfectly good shoe!

“I actually feel like Cinderella”

Hey man, jars are hard!

You can always count on your Dad

As long as she gets coffee, she's fine with it.

Boyfriend shows how easily it is to spook his girlfriend.

He'll remember that forever.

That time your dad takes you to a metallica concert and your favourite band member notices you.

Cat mimics owner, but can't figure out he means for her to jump up.

This kitty is on some next level shit

Arf :)


Sounds like a horrible animal tbh.

Some people are too good for the world.

Kid adopts a cat with the same eyes and cleft lip that he has.

I teared up.

It's never too late to start!

You think maybe a bird dropped him out there on accident?

Guy finds iguana out in the ocean, gives it a ride back to safety

At least she's a good sport.

Just before going live...

Imagine being able to say "walk" out-loud whenever you want...

“We’re going to the park” in sign language to his deaf dog

Wholesome Netflix :)

Eventually your number gets recycled, but hopefully whoever winds up with it is a nice person.

Do unto others as you would want done unto you.

Some old people just fucking rock.

She hugs him first instead of taking the dress :')

Dad who works 3 jobs surprises his daughter with her dream dress for the 8th grade dance after telling her he couldn't afford it

But he still wasn't allowed to keep his water bottle.

Not the TSA agent we deserve


A soldier reuniting with his dog


He's not wrong!

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