When Life Is Swell Aside From All The Human Garbage That Won't Throw Itself Out

Uncategory Jun 25, 2018 10:00

If you can't say for sure that your costume isn't racist, you might have a problem.

An old coworker thought this was a good idea for Halloween last year.

Staying classy at the Dollar Tree.

A lover of fine art.

I've always wanted to take a tour through areas like this.

Why don't you blame him instead of her?

Using Ground Zero to promote your shitty watches...trash.

Conspiracy theories are so that stupid people can feel smart.


Child in danger? Better stop a take a selfie for likes!!

Always recycle.


Sadly, there are people out there dumb enough to send her $5.

You are what is wrong with the world.

LGBTQA, the A stands for Ass.

Should've kept that secret to yourself.

Punishing your employees for trying to communicate in the most effective manner for them...dumb.

Girl? Boy? No, it's JAILBAIT.

To all the fathers who got there accidentally...

Pimping your daughter out in makeup for likes. Trashy.

Total bargain.

No one pictured here even comes close to fuckable.

"Good" is a subjective term.

Taken at Auschwitz.

Hopefully 16 is the age of consent there...

Should've swallowed them instead.

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