When Life Is Sad But You Gotta Laugh At It Anyway

Uncategory Aug 24, 2018 06:27

Just so happens the plan sucks for you.

"Go find out how it feels to breathe under water, kid."

Bye Woofy.

Makes sense.


And your lips are fucked for all day...

Caught on a reading test for elementary school kids.

"Fun for the whole family!"

Water saves.

When you have to make breakfast at the office because your wife kicked you out.


Yeah, but no one else is.


Dude's gotta eat.

Aren't we all?

Mischevious little bit of bacon there.

Let the showdown begin!

Actually makes me sad :(


Guess y'all can starve then!

People weren't gonna fuck you anyway, but now you have insurance that they wont.

Kill me plsss.

The real questions out there.

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