When Life Is Going Swell And Then Someone Comes And Takes A Crap On Your Face

Uncategory Apr 18, 2018 08:00

Such a lovely welcome.

Needs more hair.

Those nails are hideous, so...

Party on.

The fuck is "real" foil? Wtf is "fake" foil?

What nice flower tatto- oh. OH.

Remember the days where people wore clothes to prom and not underwear? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

Meth head skyscraper.

On one hand this is pretty clever, on the other hand a regular rubber band would've worked the same.

When your roommate shaves his pubes and wants the whole fucking world to know about it.

"Went to refill my water bottle while waiting to board my cruise. Guy decides to step in front of me and throw the dip out of his mouth into the fountain, thanks buddy."

Apparently fucking with animals is now "anarchy."

At least she's clothed.


Found on Facebook.

When you pay extra for custom shoes but you still look like a tool.

Found in Cincinnati.

-Swipes right-

But you needed the take the photo because...?

When you're dumb enough to think the fake apples at Ikea are real.


Zero faith left in humanity.

Get yourself a girl who can call you "Daddy" without all the baggage attached.

Poop hammock? Yep. Poop hammock.

Selfies are more important than baby necks obviously.

A girl I know kept going on Facebook live flaunting the money she has, 4 days later posts that she was robbed while at a hotel party even though someone warned her.

How lady-like.

I gagged audibly.

Sounds like a healthy marriage.

You mean "all," not "some."

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