When Life Is Funny And Sad At The Same Time But You Decide To Laugh Anyway

Uncategory May 22, 2018 09:00

Truth hurts.



You'll find out soon enough!

As they should.

I'm sure his boss will agree.

Dad with the burns.


Don't buy this mattress.

Same :(

Turn 25 and eat an entire family sized bag of chips in one sitting? That's diarrhea for ya.

This isn't offensive, right?

You'd think they would just click "No."

The saddest one here.

I too thrive on neglect :)


Working at Starbucks now



Same here, kid. Same here.

Worst spy ever.

I dunno about HEALTHIER than meth...

Fill it with sex toys instead.

Note the braille.

ISIS has poor taste.

Same >:)

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