When Life Gets You Lemons But Squeezes Them In Your Eyes Out Of Spite

Uncategory Oct 22, 2018 09:00

Butterfingers are the worst candy.

His teammates said not to worry, it's not worth losing your head over it.

Horrendous decapitation at a football game.

Pompei citizen was running from the eruption when a giant rock decapitated him.

He was either stoked about it or livid.

The chosen one

Rain rain, go away...

Government employees always doing their best.

Right on target.

Make sure to always drive carefully in storms.

Life goes on, pupper.

Yesterday my dogi be like


When your doctor charges obese people extra.

Perfect timing.

Pay a professional next time.


I hope this is not her first time meeting his parents

Thievin' birds.

And I'll be taking that

The stuff of awkward nightmares.

The worst punishment of all!

Ahead of the curve this year.

When you lose by less than a millimeter.

I'm sure it wasn't the first time.


Bad kitty!


The most likes he's ever gotten on a photo.

Anddd you're fired.

Carl's last day

Wait until the end.

not pulling up your handbrake WCGW

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