When It's Time To Start Acting Like An Adult But Nobody Else Will Get Their Lives Together

Uncategory Jul 09, 2018 09:00

It's not always dad who's in trouble.



Anddd we're back to dad being in jail.

Gotta beat the heat somehow.

Her hair is stuck in the 80s.

Sunbather won't move for wedding photos.


If you're too lazy to WALK your dog, you shouldn't have one.

Mom gives kid beer, "But I'm a good mom!"

Hopefully it's a joke.

Tinder finds in Idaho.

It's not a beach town.

Can we talk about those toe nails first?


Less nice.

They asked her to leave the FAMILY roller rink.

Poor firefighter.

A permanent tattoo too!

To be fair, this sounds like fun.

Anddd you're arrested.

The phantom pooper.

Did the previous child rot to death?

Completely unnecessary, but ok.

Straight outta nightmares.

You think he's a hoarder?

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