When It's Time For Lunch So You Decide To Take Your Break With As Much Tomfoolery As Possible

Uncategory Oct 04, 2018 09:00

Mind = BLOWN.

What's this shit I just tasted??

Somebody got fired.

Cosplay at its finest.

The same, but with a six pack.

Who wouldn't?

When parents are just as into Halloween as the kids are.

Florida Man spotting in Wisconsin.

When you're too tall for China.

What other kind IS there?!!

Asking the important questions out here.


When you have to look like every hair cut she gets is A++


He's forgetting the bobby pins everywhere.

Old people using Skype for the first time.

"288 people found this helpful."

404 Not Found.

When the plane doesn't fit!

They know their audience.

When you finish your first DIY project and realize...


Can't be THAT happy if you're panhandling.

Friend-zoned in one image.

Kid's heard some real shit.


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