When It's Finally Friday And You Need Some DANK MEMES To Get You Through The Day

Uncategory Oct 05, 2018 07:00

Australia is upside down, FYI.

Makes sense to me.

Teach your kids hygiene or else they'll get hooked on axe.

Straight to the point.

It's a stumble.

This is what the 24-hour news cycle has done to us.

Speaking the truth!

Limited real estate.

Full speed ahead!

It'ssssss October!


It's legal to smack any kid doing a Fortnite dance in public.

What a guy!

Seriously, where'd it go?


Butt stuff.

DJ Khaled is the herpes of hip-hop.

They're always watching...

Bet he had 86 welfares down there too!

Just another reason to switch to the metric system.

PornHub: a place for knowledge.

Thought it would benefit us all if they did.

Every day is a terror :)

Drink your milk, kids!

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