When It's Been A Long Week And DANK MEMES Are Finally Here!

Uncategory Oct 19, 2018 07:00

These days? Probably.

Just say no!

The Latin name for a black hole is "Your Momma."

Game getting old? No problem!


As it should.

Man's got a one-track mind.

There are badges for that?

We movin' in!

Most kids are more savvy than adults when it comes to the Internet.

Who isn't at that rate?

Sounds about right.

Gotta take one for your own team.

Suck it up buttercup.


As it should be.

Time to become deaf.

This feature really needs to end.

Close your curtains.

Real hard life there.

Can't steal if everything is "ours."

And killed everybody!

Yes, yes you are.

It happens every time.

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