When It's A Rainy Monday But The Sky Is Raining Garbage, Not Water

Uncategory Jul 23, 2018 09:00

Tekashi 6ix9, everyone.

Gettin' frisky in public.

Kendall Jenner parking in a handicap spot.

Going on dates solely for the free food.

Hoarding level: 100

Light? Heavy? Dark?

Cheapest diamond ever.

You won't tip him but you'll let him serve you food, OK.

A tale of terrifying titties.

Kids are fucked up these days.

The joys of flying economy.

Woman eating a kebab while her daughter gives her a tattoo, welcome to Indiana.

Not even worth stealing!

Ruining the beach with litter :(


How cozy <3


420 blaze itttttttt

Where's CPS when you need them?

Totally safe.

Practicing for later?

Someone's having an identity crisis.

Just awful.

At her Dad's burial...


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