When Grandma Escapes From Her Cage And Starts Being An Idiot On The Internet Again

Uncategory Jul 27, 2018 09:00

The technological literacy of a dinosaur.

Dude shared a photo of his office posting a printed youtube link to a corkboard, now management is unhappy that they went viral.

The saga continues..

Cops to the rescue!

Emergency assistance needed

Amateur hour.


Everybody is dead :)

Just keep the pets comin'.

Well, did you?

Kyle throwing himself and his cat into his marketing materials just makes me want his veg more!


Herb (HAR HAR).

So meta.

Old people screenshots.

Grandma is a little too excited about the "Congrats" confetti.

You tell 'er Geraldine!

Close enough.

A man in the making!

Walmart does well enough without help from Jesus.

When in doubt, just yell at it.

And again, three hours later...

Just why.

Grandma still hasn't mastered Google.

To be fair, both are scary.

Be her friend anyway you assholes.

I too love yellow mustard.

Linda sounds questionable.

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