When Everything Is Fine And Dandy Until It Starts Raining Hot Garbage In Human-Form From The Sky

Uncategory Jul 16, 2018 09:00

When you use your truck's flatbed as a front porch.

Nissan Front Porch In My Hometown

How about you cheat on neither?

When you tattoo in a poor town and get people trying to haggle with you...

A quadruple-whammy!

Letting it allll hang out for their engagement selfie.

Welcome to the DMV.

Maybe you should hire better people, or pay more so you don't attract the turds of the world.

This is a child's outfit.

Luck wished.


When you fuck up your friend's party and make him a cake to apologize.

People can be really selfish sometimes.

This Sacramento couple stole a fire truck and ruined it.

Some thoughts you should just keep to yourself.

The underboob really makes the photo.

The couple who poops together...

People like this belong in hell.

As one does.

Bought it for the master bathroom, stayed for the view.

Love that his dick is too short to reach her hips.

I hope his grandkids gave him that shirt as a joke and he doesn't know what it means.

Yep, they're real.

Indeed, it is.

If by 'big' you mean 'impending low birth weight,' then yes.

You are not helping further the cause, you're just making it worse.

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