When Disaster Is About To Strike But Luck Finds A Way To Save You Before It Hits

Uncategory Aug 10, 2018 09:00

Andddd saved!

Ready for the Final Leap

People can do great things when they work together.

Human chain rescue last night in Maryland


Slipping and sliding

Nothing gets past him!

Great kick, even better save

If he'd hit a bump right then he could've died.

Final Destination

Not today!

This Venus fly trap is ????

That could've resulted in thousands of dollars in damage.

991.2 owner forgets to engage the parking break...

It was either grab him or hit him.

Mom reflexes always kick in when necessary

I've watched this 10x and I still can't figure out how he escaped. Jumped over the fence?

good boy does an hecking escape

Death isn't worth first place.

almost impaled himself

New friend :)

Seal seeks shelter on motor boat

So smooth.

slide down stairs ☑

You'd think the dog would be smarter.

Quick reflexes

The middle doesn't matter, it's about how you finish.

That walk off

Good kitty.

Cat-like reflexes

Stuck the fuckin' landing!

Motorcyclist gets hit by a car running a red light, flips in the air, and lands on his feet

Tiger and I had the same reaction.

Catch me if you can


"You gave me a heart attack, Raymond" - dog probably


That's a pro right there

This was such a wholesome interaction that I teared up watching it.

2 People Handling a Potentially Deadly Near Miss in the Most Civilized Way

That dog should count his blessings.

Manager saves dog from being decapitated by elevator

Truly crazy.

Never Give Up !

He was about to make him his chicken biscuit bitch.

Hahaha :)


Like a Boss!

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