When All You Have To Do Is Put On Pants But You Can't Even Get That Right

Uncategory Jun 06, 2018 09:00

So much going on here I don't know where to start!

The gold Shorts really work with the belly button ring.


More like gasping jean-shorts

We're better than this...

Those pants look great on you, honey

...no we're not.

"unzip your pants and show me your personality"

When mom wants to embarrass you at the bus stop.

Truly thriving.

The mullet of jean shorts.


Butt ain't half bad doe!

Who does this??

Awkward leaning tower of Pisa placement...



Omg matchinggg!!

God save the queen.

Par for the course.

She's looking at accessories when she just needs new pants.

How did they let her out in public like this?

Excuse me, miss, but your jeans are ripped...

So fashionable. So trashy.

"Chain Gang Jeans" spotted on Facebook.

For fuck's sake...

Who buys these???

At least she's wearing underwear...

Casual see-through leggings for a lunch date.

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