When All The Odds Are Against You But You Somehow Make It Happen Anyway

Uncategory Oct 02, 2018 06:00

Skill or luck?

Putting some cheese on my burger

Shockingly, amber alerts don't usually work.

When the odds are against you, say "Fuck it" and do it anyway.

Girl launches a shot at the buzzer

He's out!

Fan catches Giancarlo Stanton homerun ball then throws it back and hits him as he's rounding the bases

Any poker players in the house?

One in 2.7 Billion odds

Twins married twins and, you guessed it, had twins.

Real skill.

Tiger Woods got nothing on me!

Barely concerned at all.

He's a real hit at parties.

Precision Shooter

How many practice takes do you think it took?

Well, blow me down

Pigeon shit looks exactly like a pigeon.

Just barely escaped death.

Accident in garage.

Fishbowl fell over perfectly flipped.

I need some of this guy's luck.

So why are you buying the lottery today?

Crushed it!

Pee Wee Catch of the Year

Note the fold.

Fuck Batfleck.

Soooo he can still claim it, right?

When you find your doppelganger at the mall.

The 2-for-1 special.

Vending machine rescue goes better than planned

Trust me, I could break it for free.

How to take down a drone for less than a dollar

Doppelgangers on a plane!


What are the chances??

Spent cartridge lands inside pistol compensator


Congratulations! Great Move

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