When All The Hottest Takes On Life Are From Black People On Twitter

Uncategory Aug 17, 2018 06:23

Get off her man young'un.

Little girl mirin

It's never Lupus.

Poor Beyonce, all that money and a rich as fuck (but ugly) husband...

Can confirm, I do this.

Why talk to people when you can read in bed?


Hump hump hump hump.

We have office policies for a reason!

You expect me to put out after you dropped $2,000? Why?

Off to the DMV with you.

Sorry mom :(

Back to cold spaghetti...


Replying "lol" when IT'S NOT FUNNY.

Why does he have to champion justice in Chicago? Other place suck ass too.

Check yourself.

Judge Judy looks the same now as she did in 1995.

Real talk.

He kept punching himself in the face to stay angry.

Fucking Loretta.

Alex Jones is a fucking zit.

Me 12 years ago -___-

Has been quite humid lately...



Some people have no social skills.

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