What ways to drink water are harmful to health?

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Although water is a very important and safe substance, it does not mean it is harmless. Drinking water should also be reasonable, if drinking improperly or following misconceptions when drinking water can be harmful to health.

Water plays a very important role in ensuring a healthy body. Therefore, it is essential to drink enough water and know how to drink it properly. In fact, many people still have the misconception that drinking water leads to many health consequences.

What ways to drink water are harmful to health?

Mistakes when drinking water that many people often make lead to harm to health

Drink plenty of water before bed

This is a mistake when drinking water although this can help the body eliminate toxins, burn calories, lose weight. However, according to nutrition experts, drinking lots of water before bed will be extremely dangerous. There are two reasons to avoid drinking lots of water before you go to bed.

You should drink water early in the morning when you wake up instead of before going to bed

- Water makes it harder for you to sleep, and also interrupts sleep when you have to wake up to go to the toilet several times.

Moreover, our kidneys work more slowly at night, while drinking water also means that our kidneys work. The limbs and face may swell the next morning.

In addition, drinking plenty of water before bed can cause serious problems such as urinary tract infections, interfere with electrolyte balance, put pressure on the kidneys, and increase the risk of seizures.

Only drink water when you feel thirsty

This is a serious misconception. Feeling thirsty is a sign that your body has been really dehydrated for a long time. Lack of water for a long time makes the body tired, exhausted and at risk of cardiovascular disease.

Moreover, waiting for thirst to drink makes it difficult for the body to absorb, or to absorb water urgently in a short process causing overload and health effects.

In addition, if the thirst lasts, you will be more likely to suffer from diseases such as kidney stones or constipation. Therefore, drink water as soon as possible and drink it several times, each time a small amount of water.

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Drink water to be boiled again and again

Drinking repeatedly boiled water is also a common mistake. When heated, the water undergoes hydrolysis to stop evaporation, increasing the content of nitrate and heavy metals in the water. Absorption of these substances into the body will lead to health conditions, which may be chronic.

What ways to drink water are harmful to health?

Drink as much water as possible

This is also a mistake when drinking water that many people encounter. Adult body needs to drink about 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day, not counting the amount of water supplied through broth, soup ... during meals. For children, the amount of water provided will be determined based on the child's weight.

What is too much is not good, so is the water

An excess of free water in the body will cause disorders of the electrolytes in the blood, affecting cells and cellular activity in the body, especially brain cells.

Mistakes when drinking water while eating

The digestive system will be affected, especially the activity of the stomach if you have a habit of drinking water while eating. Because according to scientists, water will dilute the gastric juice secreted to digest food, while increasing the amount of insulin in the body and fat accumulation. In addition, water will wash away saliva, while this contains the enzyme needed to support digestion.

What ways to drink water are harmful to health?

The mistake of drinking this water is also the cause of your stomach bulging, the body raises blood sugar levels and causes excess stomach acid.

Drink water when you miss spicy food

Research shows that the chemical that causes a burning sensation in the mouth is capsaicin, a non-polar molecule that only dissolves in other non-polar substances. While water is a polar molecule, it is not possible to soothe the burning sensation in the mouth. This is why it is misconception when drinking water.

When eating spicy, drink milk instead of water!

Instead of reducing pain and stinging, water can spread the entire stinging sensation to other parts of the mouth. This will make you feel a burning sensation all over your mouth and make you even more thirsty. To improve this situation, you should drink milk. Because fat is a non-polar molecule in milk that can dissolve capsaicin.

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