What warning signs indicate that the brain is not getting enough blood?

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Anemia is a part of the brain that doesn't get enough blood, leading to brain dysfunction. When the brain is not getting enough blood, brain cells die from lack of oxygen.

Brain infarction is a major threat to the health of middle-aged and elderly people. This is a serious disease, which is caused by blood clots blocking blood vessels in the brain, which can be life threatening. If these changes appear on the face, most likely warning signs of cerebral infarction, people need to pay attention and come to the hospital promptly.

What warning signs indicate that the brain is not getting enough blood?

3 Facial signs indicate that the brain is not getting enough blood

According to the doctors: There are 3 changes on the face, special attention must be paid, most of them are manifestations of cerebral infarction.

1. Blurred vision

Some people, when looking at things, suddenly become blurry, even lose sudden vision, the condition will improve after a few seconds. If this happens, people need to be alert, maybe the blood supply to the brain is not enough. This is due to reduced blood flow in the brain and small blood clots caused by retinal arteries.

2. Itchy face

Insufficient blood supply to the brain can affect the analytical area, sensory organs and sensory nerve fibers of the brain. The common manifestations are tingling of the face, numbness of the tongue, numbness of the lips and one side of the limbs are also numb or have an abnormal feeling.

What warning signs indicate that the brain is not getting enough blood?

3. Yawn constantly

In the case of getting enough sleep, if you yawn over and over, and occur very often, you have to be careful, because it's very likely that the brain is not getting enough blood. Studies have shown that people who do not provide enough blood to the brain, often yawning, reaches about 80%. And these patients often have unconscious drooling at night, even being awakened by thirst.

3 types of eating are causes of brain blood vessels

1. Eat too much salt

According to the recommendations of the World Health Organization, the daily salt intake for each person is about 6g. Eating too much salt raises the amount of sodium in the body, which causes high blood pressure and increased pressure on blood pressure. Over time, it not only harms the health of the heart and kidneys, but also damages the health of blood vessels.

What warning signs indicate that the brain is not getting enough blood?

2. Eat a lot of fried food

Clinically, many cases of blood vessel blockage are associated with high levels of fat. If the diet is too greasy, the body absorbs excessive amounts of fat, which easily builds up on the walls of blood vessels, leading to the formation of lipid plaques, which eventually make blood vessels hard and brittle. In addition, too much fat in the blood vessels will thicken the blood, which will aggravate the blockage of the blood vessels, and then form blood clots.

3. Eating too many meats

A diet too much of meat, will cause the body to absorb too much fat, protein ... will metabolize the fat, excess protein accumulates in the blood and other organs. In this way it increases the viscosity of the blood, which leads to changes in lipid metabolism and eventually causes blood vessel blockage.

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