What warning signs dangerous disease from the mouth?

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From the perspective of medicine, the taste in the mouth is always a warning sign of diseases related to viscera. Please pay attention to prevent disease early.

Normally, the mouths of healthy people will be relatively clean and have no special taste when waking up. But if you have recently woken up, you may feel that your mouth has a strange smell, so beware of the dangerous problems that are quietly developing in your internal organs.

Signs in the mouth warn of serious illness

1. Sweet mouth: Problems with the spleen and stomach

The sweetness of the mouth is often associated with abnormal secretion of various digestive enzymes. At this time, the stomach will have digestive disorders, leading to increased amylase content in saliva, stimulating taste on the tongue and creating a sweet feeling.

What warning signs dangerous disease from the mouth?

Sweet mouth reflects the condition of the spleen, need to make lifestyle changes to prevent disease. Medicine also believes that the sweetness of the mouth reflects the hot state in the spleen. People with hot spleen often have dry mouth, yellowish urine, eat less and always feel tired. In addition, this disease makes sputum also sweet. In diabetics, sweetness in the mouth is also a sign of increased blood sugar.

To improve this situation, people need to stay away from hot spicy food. Can choose foods like tofu, cabbage, lotus seeds ... to avoid heat in the body to damage the stomach and spleen.

2. Bitter mouth: Liver and gallbladder problems

This is the clearest sign of active liver and gallbladder activity. Especially after parties on holidays or eating lots of smell and hot foods. The liver is a bile secretion and the gallbladder is the bile storage organ, if there is a problem with these 2 places, the mouth will taste bitter.

Besides the feeling of dryness and bitterness in the mouth, if you feel restless, anxious and anxious in both the liver and the stomach, you need to get a checkup quickly to avoid the risk of disease. Improve your diet to avoid bitter mouths by adding more lotus seeds and white mushrooms.

What warning signs dangerous disease from the mouth?

3. Salty mouth: Kidney problems

Lack of water or not drinking enough water is the cause of this condition. At this time the body will lose moisture, causing body fluids to make you feel thirsty and salty in the mouth. In addition, if your mouth is salty but also accompanied by back pain, ringing in the ears, dizziness, you must have kidney problems.

Salty mouth warns kidney health. Mostly due to negative kidney failure, accompanied by symptoms such as lack of vitality and frequency of prolonged night urination. In addition, saline mouth disease is often associated with people with chronic nephritis, chronic sore throat or poor oral hygiene ...

What warning signs dangerous disease from the mouth?

4. Sour mouth: Problems with stomach acid, spleen and liver

This can be a warning sign of peptic ulcer disease and diseases of the digestive tract. During an illness, acidic oral acids will appear at breakfast or after every meal. A mild illness can be difficult to detect, but when it gets worse, the mouth always feels sour like drinking vinegar.

According to medicine, the reasons for sour mouth are related to liver and spleen health. Weakening of the spleen will cause food to accumulate, indigestible and lead to bloating. After a long time, these foods will decompose and create an unpleasant sour smell in the mouth.

What warning signs dangerous disease from the mouth?

5. Mouth loss of sense of taste: Problems with the digestive tract

Patients who have problems with the digestive tract, endocrine diseases, malnutrition, weakened stomach and spleen, lack of vitamins and micronutrients ... are always the subjects who often feel pale mouth. Need to add protein and vitamin rich foods such as chicken, fish, fruits, fresh vegetables to regain taste quickly. In addition, you can also eat 2 hawthorns after each meal to stimulate gastric acid secretion.

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