What unhealthy eating habits are harmful to health?

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Improper eating habits cause many health consequences, leading to reduced resistance, a higher risk of illness, when worse, even life-threatening.

Therefore, people need to immediately abstain from the following wrong eating habits to prevent unnecessary harm to their health, especially in the time of COVID-19 epidemic.

Eating habits are harmful to health

Eat too fast

You should "eat slowly chew carefully" to help the stomach digest well. Eating too quickly at each meal will interfere with digestion and easily damage the stomach lining.

This also causes the stomach to work harder to digest all the food in the body, the result is that you are more likely to encounter stomach pain, affect the absorption of food, the body is gradually depleted, Many health problems are very dangerous.

What unhealthy eating habits are harmful to health?

Eat and work at your own pace while walking

Many people have the habit of going around hugging a cell phone, even while eating. However, eating while watching the phone makes you consume more food than usual needs. In particular, this bad habit is also easy to distract and affect the digestive process, thereby causing you or abdominal pain after eating.

Avoid eating while using the phone

A bad habit that many people have is walking and eating. Accordingly, when you eat in a moving state, the brain will be distracted and make the stomach uncomfortable. Because at this time, the amount of food you eat is not chewed carefully.

This condition, if prolonged, can cause stomach pain, which leads to uncontrolled food intake, which leads to overweight, obesity, etc. The body's resistance, obese people that infected with COVID-19 disease easily transformed into severe.

What unhealthy eating habits are harmful to health?

Constantly skipping breakfast, not eating the right meal

A nutritious breakfast will help you balance your blood sugar and provide more energy to stay active throughout the day.

On the other hand, if you consistently skip breakfast, the result is a lack of energy and an increased risk of disease. Therefore, you should take time to eat enough breakfast to get enough nutrients necessary for the body daily.

Many people tend to neglect their meal time during the day, leading to overwhelming meals and hunger. This condition, if persistent, will cause the stomach to be affected, other organs in the body work worse. Therefore, you should change the habit of eating the wrong meals and try to eat on time for the meals of the day.

Use foods of unknown origin, baked food burns at high temperatures

Dirty food, food of unknown origin with a high risk to health are the causes of food poisoning and cancer risk.

When grilling food directly on charcoal, in temperatures that can be up to 300 - 500 degrees Celsius, it will break down the protein that is abundant in fish meat, producing compounds called heterocyclic amines. These substances may cause cancer, especially cancers of the digestive system (colon, liver, stomach ...).

In addition, the grill on charcoal, griddle is not clean, food contaminated with sugar dust increases the disease factor for the user. The cheap grilled buffet dish is not hygienic, the origin is the unhealthy dishes, potentially causing cancer, diabetes and accelerating the process of aging, obesity ...

What unhealthy eating habits are harmful to health?

Processed foods, carbonated soft drinks

Processed foods such as cold meats, bacon, sausages, often contain a chemical preservative that keeps them fresh and appealing, but this is also a carcinogen that weakens the immune system. the body.

The content of nitrite and nitrate in processed meat has been associated with a significantly increased risk of colon disease and other forms of cancer. Many studies show that many chemicals found in processed foods like this can damage the brain.

Like processed meats, carbonated soft drinks have been shown to be one of the causes of cancer. Because it contains too much sugar, chemicals used in food, and colorings ... soft drinks can "acidify the body", which can cause aging and cancer quickly. Weakening the body's immune system.

Food rich in refined sweet sugar

These foods all have the ability to raise blood sugar levels in the body, which can lead to diabetes, weaken the body's immune system. Refined sugars are very harmful to the brain. If you eat too much of this food can damage brain tissue, affecting cell growth and growth.

Children need to be more cautious. Since biscuits, cakes, soft drinks, sauces .... With increasing prevalence, cancer rates and other health damage have increased rapidly.

What unhealthy eating habits are harmful to health?

Fatty foods

Foods high in fat and fat often appeal to the taste and stimulate the taste buds, making people want to eat more. However, pay attention to restricting eating foods high in fat, saturated fat, fried foods, fried, fried much.

Because these foods are easy to cause the body to gain weight, causing overweight and obesity. Moreover, eating a lot of these foods causes the body to raise blood cholesterol levels, causing atherosclerosis, which is very dangerous.

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