What to do if you only travel Tokyo in 1 day

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Even if you only have one day in Tokyo, Japan, you still can enjoy the best experiences here. Tokyo is a city with many characteristics, and is the perfect place for you to find delicious food, have an interesting experience and understand the culture of Japan.

You will be overwhelmed by the neon lights, department stores and famous temples. Here are the things you should try when having only 1 day in Tokyo.

What to do if you only travel Tokyo in 1 day

Breakfast at Tokyo Station

What to do if you only travel Tokyo in 1 day

In Tokyo, the most suitable means of transportation is by train, because it will help you move quickly and make good use of the time. So, start your day from Tokyo Station with a light breakfast with your favorite food. And make sure you are full so you can make the trip easier.

Go to Yoyogi Park

From the underground train station to Kita - Sando in about 25 minutes, you will start your tour with Yoyoki Park. This is a peaceful park surrounded by 100,000 plants planted by many volunteers in the world. Right next to the park you will find Meiji Jingu - a Shinto shrine for the Emperor Meiji and Queen Shoken. The temple was built in 1920, but then it was burned down in 1945. They rebuilt and reopened it in 1958. Today, it is home to various Japanese celebrations and festivals.

Note: When entering or leaving at the Torii gate of Meiji Jingu Shrine, you will have to bow once. Enter the temple and go to Temizuya's room (purification room), carry out the necessary procedures to visit the temple. If you want to make a wish, you can throw a coin. These actions are a way for you to show respect, regardless of your beliefs or religion.


What to do if you only travel Tokyo in 1 day

After coming out of Meiji Jingu Shrine, you will come to Harajuku - the colorful and bustling area of Tokyo. This is the most famous fashion street in Tokyo, where you will find many different clothing and footwear products. If you do not buy anything, you can also walk on this street, when hungry, you should find Harajuku Crazy store and enjoy the cool ice cream.

Tokyo Plaza

When you need a break or want to leave the bustle of the city, stop by Tokyo Plaza. Go upstairs and drop by Starbuck, order your favorite drink, and head out to the rooftop terrace. This is a great resting spot, and also a place where you can see part of the city from above. Take a little rest, because there are many other things waiting for you.


What to do if you only travel Tokyo in 1 day

Get out of Tokyo Plaza and start walking to Shibuya - a prominent area in Tokyo. Here you will be surprised by the extravagant high-class boutiques. After walking for about 20 minutes, you will arrive at Shibuya Crossing - famous as one of the best walking area in the world. If you want to take photos of this bustling scenery from above, you can visit Starbuck in front of Shibuya.

Go to the Hachikō statue

Hachikō is a statue of a dog in front of Shibuya station, attached to a touching story that occurred in 1952. Hachikō is the brown Akita of Hidesaburō Ueno. This dog is always waiting for his owner to return. in front of Shibuya station. Even when the owner died in 1925, the little dog sat there, waiting for him every day. The statue of the dog was made to praise his loyalty to the owner.

Dinner in Shibuya

What to do if you only travel Tokyo in 1 day

While walking in Shibuya, you can visit any restaurant and enjoy hot noodles, or whatever you like. Along the street there are vending machines, just fill in the money and choose the food and drink that you want to have for dinner.

Roppongi Hills

From Shibuya, take the subway to Roppongi Hills - the 54-storey skyscraper, open to visitors every day. With a ticket price of 2,300 yen, you will be able to see the scenery of Tokyo from above. Visiting this building in the evening, you will see the beautiful, sparkling city.

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