What signs of sleep alarm your ability to have diabetes

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Diabetes is a chronic disease, greatly affecting health. Therefore, when sleeping your body appears the following 4 problems, you need to be alert for diabetes.

When you have diabetes, your body sends signals, many people during sleep often repeat special physical manifestations. If left unchecked, blood sugar levels rise, which can cause many complications, at which point the body has no way of maintaining a healthy state.

Moreover, many people with diabetes are also at risk of increasing the incidence of other chronic diseases, so you need to pay attention to blood sugar control.

So, what are the symptoms of repeated diabetes warnings?

What signs of sleep alarm your ability to have diabetes

4 Signs of diabetes warning through sleep

1. Very hungry at night

After diabetes appears to be easily affected by the body, many people often feel hungry. Under normal circumstances, the timely addition of nutrients to the dinner, will not cause sleep starvation at night.

Diabetics are not provided with adequate nutrition in time, the amount of carbohydrate in the body is accumulated without being converted into energy, making it easy to appear hungry. Protein and excess fat in the body will also be consumed in excess.

If you often have this behavior, it is possible that diabetes is affecting your health, so you should go to the hospital for an accurate result and improve the performance of your blood sugar level. Can prevent diabetes from getting worse.

What signs of sleep alarm your ability to have diabetes

2. Numbness in hands and feet

During sleep, if you experience marked numbness in your arms and legs, it cannot be ruled out that it is due to high blood sugar. Because of the long-term effects of high blood sugar, normal blood circulation is blocked and vital organs such as the arms and legs are not adequately supplied with blood, leading to numbness in the limbs, This condition usually occurs in patients with type 2 diabetes.

Numbness in the limbs is called diabetic neuropathy, which can get worse over time and lead to more serious complications if left untreated.

What signs of sleep alarm your ability to have diabetes

3. Regularly wake up urinating

During sleep, you often wake up to urinate, which is an unusual phenomenon. Keep your body healthy, wake up to urinate no more than 2 times while sleeping at night. Many people affected by diabetes, high blood sugar, the kidneys have to work harder to filter excess sugar, resulting in a thirsty mouth and constant water intake, thus increasing the need to go to the toilet. up.

If this happens, it is recommended that you pay attention, get to the hospital promptly.

What signs of sleep alarm your ability to have diabetes

4. Itchy dry skin

Due to the long-term effects of high blood sugar, the body is threatened, many people sleep while feeling very itchy skin, which is an abnormal manifestation. The human body is in a state of strong nakedness, the skin does not feel itchy.

Experts explain that when blood sugar goes up, the body can become dehydrated and reduce blood flow to the skin. Plus the damage in the nerves makes the sweat process moisturizes the skin. Less nourished skin is drier, prone to chapping and itching. In addition to the main cause of nerve and blood vessel damage, dry, itchy skin in people with diabetes can also result from a fungal infection due to a weakened immune system.

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