What signs help identify drinking too much water is harmful to health?

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Water is essential for the body to function, so drinking enough water is important. However, everything is outrageous, including drinking too much water.

Dehydration causes instability in the body's activities. And drinking too much water is also bad for our health.

Drinking too much water can cause vomiting, coma or even death. In fact, drinking too much water can lead to water poisoning. The following are signs that you have been drinking too much water and its disastrous consequences.

What signs help identify drinking too much water is harmful to health?

The body's warning signs are excessive water

Urinating too much

Typically, people urinate 6-8 times a day. If you urinate more than 10 times a day you are in excess.

Clear urine

Dark urine is not good, but if clear and colorless, be alert.


Fluid imbalances in the body affect muscle function, leading to muscle spasms and cramps. This happens the amount of water the body has to excrete too much which reduces the electrolyte level. Low electrolyte levels can lead to cramps.

What signs help identify drinking too much water is harmful to health?

Always tired and stressed

This happens when the body drinks too much water in a short time. The kidneys then have to work harder to remove excess water and this stimulates the adrenal glands (responsible for dealing with stress) excessively. Having too much stress hormone in your body can also lead to many other health problems.

Cardiac damage

Drinking too much water can hurt your heart. This happens because drinking too much water can increase the volume of blood in your body, thereby increasing the burden on the heart. This unnecessary pressure can actually damage blood vessels, which can also lead to seizures in some cases.

What signs help identify drinking too much water is harmful to health?

Affects the kidneys

The kidneys are responsible for filtering water, so if you drink excess water, your kidneys will need to increase their operating hours. For a long time, the kidneys are tired and their function is impaired so they can cause kidney problems.

Brain damage

Drinking too much water beyond the kidney's ability to handle results in an imbalance of sodium in the blood, which can wreak havoc on the brain and body. This condition is called water intoxication. Water poisoning can be harmful to health, even in extreme cases can cause brain damage, coma, even death.

Develop some diseases

With some insecure water sources like iron contaminated water, you can develop liver problems if you drink too much. Organ dysfunction and cancer can occur when you drink too much chlorinated water.

What signs help identify drinking too much water is harmful to health?

How to drink is enough?

Nutrition experts recommend drinking enough 2 liters of water a day. However, the amount of water depends on the environment, weight, diet, nature of daily work ...:

If you are the type of person who is physically active or air-conditioned all day, more water is needed.

In summer, you need to drink more than winter.

If the diet is high in vegetables and fruits, you can reduce the amount of water you drink because vegetables and fruits also contain a certain amount of water.

In general, you should drink about 50ml of fluid per kilogram of body weight.

Do not drink too much water at once, but should drink at a distance to slowly absorb the body will be healthier.

Do not wait to thirst to drink water. Should actively drink water divided into several times during the day.

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