What makes your skin acne and aging?

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Why the more you take care of your face the more aging and acne? Did you take care of your skin properly? Do not worry! Read this article right away!

With the desire to have a smooth, healthy, smooth, smooth skin, women have spent countless money and effort, but, the results are not as expected. Your skin is still dark, your face is still acne-prone. Not sure yet to use expensive cosmetics and spend a lot of care, the skin will look beautiful, but you have to take care of them properly, firstly washing your face.

It sounds simple, every day you wash your face 2-3 times, everyone thinks you are well-versed in this, how to wash it the wrong way. But, in truth, not everyone cleans their faces properly. There are many people who accidentally catch the following habits when washing their face, making your skin more and more ugly, even more acne-prone.

What makes your skin acne and aging?

Why acne skin and aging?

1. Do not remove makeup before washing your face

Makeup remover is an important part of skin care, but many people often forget about it. This is a mistake that makes your skin worse and worse. After a long day, the cosmetic layer, dirt will cling to the face and if you do not remove makeup, the pores will certainly be clogged, causing serious acne. Do not because of this small mistake that skin can not be smooth.

2. The temperature of the water when washing your face is also important

When washing your face, the temperature of the water also affects greatly to your skin, cool water is the best temperature. If you wash your face with very hot water, your face may burn, causing dryness. If you wash your face with very cold water, your skin will likely be irritated. Pay attention to them for smoother skin.

What makes your skin acne and aging?

3. Using the wrong cleanser

Do not mistake the more expensive cleanser is good, cleanser is good when they suit your skin type. Make sure you know what your skin acne type is to choose the right cleanser for your skin. As a result, your skin will also be cleansed and effectively protected.

4. Scrub your face hard with a towel

You may not know that the force acting when you rub a towel on your face causes skin damage, wrinkles and premature aging. Instead of using a washcloth, pat the skin to dry itself or use a soft, soaked cloth to gently pat the skin.

What makes your skin acne and aging?

5. Wash your face several times a day

Many people find their skin a bit greasy and dirt rushing to wash their face, which is part of the reason that your skin ages prematurely. You should only wash your face twice a day in the morning and in the evening. If you wash too many times a day with a facial cleanser, your skin will be deprived of natural moisture, thereby causing dryness, roughness.

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