What kind of drinking water helps the skin to be pink and smooth?

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Just diligently adding these 7 drinks, your skin will be ruddy, smooth like a baby, increasingly aging backwards.

Aging is an implacable enemy of women, turning 25 years old, women's skin begins to show signs of aging, the skin begins to have wrinkles, acne, melasma, freckles. If you do not take proper care and get enough nutrients, you will lose beauty because your skin is harmful. Regularly drinking the 7 types of drinks below, will contribute to the aging process is slower. Let's do it now!

What kind of drinking water helps the skin to be pink and smooth?

What drinks help skin moisturize most effectively?

1. Beetroot juice

It also has antibacterial properties that soothe inflammation, kill bacteria that cause infections, and repair dull skin. Not only that, beetroot is also considered a "plant" of vitamin C capable of neutralizing free radicals, fading pigmentation, exfoliating and cleansing skin from deep within. Plus, the antioxidants in beets help protect the body from free radicals and fight wrinkles.

Drinking beetroot juice regularly has the effect of brightening the skin, making the skin younger, smoother.

2. Grapefruit juice

It is not strange that grapefruit juice is on the list of 7 drinks with anti-aging effects. Because of their high content of vitamin C, it helps to increase collagen production, prevent wrinkles and early signs of aging. Therefore, if you want to look beautiful, every night you should drink 1 glass of grapefruit juice.

What kind of drinking water helps the skin to be pink and smooth?

3. Coconut water

Scientists have shown that the cytokinin in fresh coconut water helps regulate cell growth and division. These types of cytokinin and lauric acid can help minimize skin cell aging, help balance pH and keep connective tissues durable and retain water.

4. Aloe juice

Aloe vera juice is rich in amino acids and nutrients that help increase collagen production in the body, promote skin regeneration, maintain soft skin. Drinking aloe vera juice helps you rejuvenate the skin, eliminate acne, bruises.

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5. Filtered water

Filtered water has an extremely important role in beautifying the skin, because they are used to prevent wrinkles, help detoxify, help the liver healthy. Just drinking enough 2 liters of water a day is an effective way to promote health and anti-aging. Staying hydrated will also help flush toxins out of your body and keep your skin looking fresh.

What kind of drinking water helps the skin to be pink and smooth?

6. Red wine

Red wine rich in antioxidants have the effect of destroying harmful free radicals, promoting the recovery of DNA and cell regeneration in your body. Resveratrol concentration in wine helps prevent early signs of aging. This substance is found primarily in the seeds, flesh, and skin of grapes used to make red wine to leave the skin looking youthful and radiant.

Every day, a glass of wine will help you have a smooth, smooth white skin, saving you money from buying cosmetics.

7. Fresh milk

According to scientific research, in the composition of fresh milk is rich in nutrients, moisturizing, lactic acid helps purify dry cells while nourishing healthy skin full of vitality. Fresh milk helps the skin become firm, smooth, reduces wrinkles on the skin and enhances skin moisturization. Therefore, every day you should drink 1 glass of fresh milk to reduce skin aging.

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