What is the Dash diet?

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Dash is one of the top ranked diets for weight loss. Recently, Dash has been on the list of effective diets and good overall health.

So you should try it when you are aiming to lose weight. Listen to nutrition experts consult about Dash

What is dash?

This is a diet method to prevent hypertension. The regime has been around for more than two decades and studies have shown that it can lead to effective weight loss, protect heart health and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and transfer syndrome. chemistry and some cancers. Dash's eating plan is relatively simple. Dash recommends specific portions from a variety of daily food groups, depending on your daily calorie needs (determined by your age, gender and activity level).

What is the Dash diet?

For example, the 1600 calorie Dash diet consists of 6 servings of cereals per day, 3-4 servings of vegetables, 4 servings of fruit and 2-3 servings of low-fat milk. About 85 grams of lean meat, poultry or fish per day, 3-4 servings of nuts, seeds and beans per week, 2 servings of fat and oil daily.

Dash sets a clear limit on sugar, which recommends 3 or less than 3 sweets per week. It also helps reduce sodium intake to a maximum of 2,300 mg per day. This diet is part of a lifestyle that reduces alcohol consumption and emphasizes stress reduction, increased physical activity, no smoking and excessive sleep. It can be said that this is not a diet, but a long-term overall tracking.

Can Dash help you lose weight?

What is the Dash diet?

Dash is a nutritious, effective, simple but sustainable diet. There are plenty of shelter guides to help those who follow the dash to shape and transform their daily diets from different food groups into appropriate meals and snacks. Dash has been tried and tested by many people. In fact, if your goal is to lose weight, Dash is the right choice to help you lose weight quickly. If you determine the right calorie level and stick to it, it can be a safe, effective, and sustainable way to lose weight while improving your health.

Foods to choose from Dash:

What is the Dash diet?

The Dash diet consists of lots of whole grains, vegetables, fruits and low-fat dairy products.

  • For protein, you recommend eating fish, lean meat, legumes and nuts. One of the easy things for you to choose a Dash diet is that you can eat some unhealthy foods as long as moderation. These foods include red meat, saturated fat and desserts.
  • The grains you choose will be whole grains like brown rice, pasta, wholemeal bread, and oatmeal. 7-8 servings per day. Vegetables are definitely a great source of vitamins and minerals, most of which are suitable for Dash: carrots, broccoli, green beans, Brussels sprouts, celery. 4-5 servings per day.
What is the Dash diet?
  • Fruit is something that can be eaten at most meals and is a healthy alternative to desserts. Moreover, fruits are rich in fiber and other important nutrients like vitamin C. If you drink fruit juice make sure not to add sugar. 4-5 servings per day.
  • Milk and milk products are the best source of calcium, an important nutrient for everyone. It is important to choose dairy products that are low in saturated fat - that is, cut back on foods like fatty creams, cheeses and creams and those that do not have or are low in milk sugar (2-3 servings daily).
  • Some examples of healthy dairy products include: Greek yogurt, milk (skimmed, 1% or 2%), small cheese balls. Fish meat is moderately beneficial because they are rich in B vitamins, iron, zinc and of course protein.
  • Fish is also high in omega-3 fatty acids, which can help lower bad cholesterol. Some examples of DASH-friendly meat, fish and poultry include: salmon, canned tuna, chicken, pork tenderloin. (2 or less than 2 servings per day). Cooking oil and other healthy fats like coconut oil, olive oil, avocado, salmon, nuts. (2-3 servings daily).

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