What is the best way to lose belly fat in just 14 days?

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Due to the nature of her work, the office had to sit for long hours. This inadvertently interferes with the metabolism of the body, making it easier for fat to build up, especially in the lower abdomen. But not everyone knows the secret to how to shrink your too big waist. Do not worry! To eliminate belly fat in just 14 days, in addition to regular exercise, you should add the following foods to reduce belly fat quickly.

Losing belly fat is not only a way to help you get in shape, improve an oversized waistline, but also reduce potential health risks such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis aches and even cancer.

The food you eat also plays a huge role in the reduction of belly fat. Therefore,  instead of diet pills, fasting ... you can change your diet. In addition to drinking enough water and exercising regularly, you should remember to choose the following foods to reduce belly fat, because thanks to these foods, your waistline will be noticeably improved and only after 14 The day you will achieve unexpected effects!

What is the best way to lose belly fat in just 14 days?

The best foods way to lose belly fat naturally

Supplementary foods that you need to consult and add to your daily diet to reduce fat due to overweight.:

Fatty Fish - The more you eat, the less belly fat you eat

Fatty fish (oily fish) is the common name for the group of oily fish in the tissue and abdominal cavity such as sardines, herring, .... In fish oil contains fatty acid content - Omega 3 a lot, not only helps reduce inflammation, limiting the risk of heart disease but also helps her "burn" fat very effective too.

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At the same time, the group of pineapple also provides abundant protein to help you feel full and limit calories intake. It also reduces cortisol - a stress hormone associated with fat storage.

Consumption of fatty fish thought it would be very fat but actually ... does not cause fat at all, but on the contrary, it also helps you to lose fat to incredible, right? For best results, you should add at least 100g of fatty fish a week in your diet!

What is the best way to lose belly fat in just 14 days?

Eggs - Golden food in the diet

Did you know that an egg contains only 70-90 calories but contains many important nutrients such as Calcium, Folate, Vitamin A and D. In particular, the egg also contains a decent amount of protein, helping you feel full and full. effectively suppress junk food cravings.

Try starting the morning with a piece of egg protein bar, just enough nutrition but also extremely effective fat loss.

No matter how "super-huge" the egg salad is, she is assured that she will not get fat at all!

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Green tea - Worthy the "panacea" of the sister association

Indeed! In addition to helping women burn quite a bit of excess fat in the body, green tea also contains extremely rich antioxidant EGCG, which helps prevent aging and bring youth to our women.

So why not start your day with a cup of green tea? But make sure you don't drink tea with a hungry stomach. The caffeine content of green tea can make your intestines irritant or make it difficult to sleep if used at night.

Yogurt ice cream - Food that helps reduce belly fat naturally

According to a 2010 study by researchers at the University of Alabama (Birmingham, UK), women who ate half a cup of yogurt ice cream every day lost belly fat. The reason may be because researchers say that women may consume more calcium instead of fat. If you are a non-dairy product, you can supplement with other sources of calcium such as dark leafy greens (spinach, kale, tofu and sardines).

What is the best way to lose belly fat in just 14 days?

Grapefruit - The golden food in the "village" burns fat

A 12-week study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food has shown that eating half a grapefruit before each meal will help them lose at least 1 kilo of fat in a short period of time. Therefore, enlist half a grapefruit before each meal will bring great weight loss effect.

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This succulent fruit is packed with nutrients, antioxidants and an abundance of fiber. This will really be a great companion for our sisters, because the ability to burn fat is extremely effective but contains very low calorie content.

Vegetables - Foods that help reduce belly fat quickly

In each person's diet, vegetables are definitely an indispensable ingredient, right? But to choose the type of tubers that are both nutritious and have significant weight loss effects, it's actually not easy.

Cabbage: Rich in Vitamin A, Calcium and very low in calories.

Spinach: Rich in vitamins and minerals, low in calories.

Tofu: a source of healthy plant protein, which helps curb appetite effectively while ensuring adequate nutrition for the body.

To lose weight successfully and have a slim waist, you need a scientific diet with effective fat-burning foods, combined with exercise, believe that after only 14 days you will own a toned physique.

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