What is the best natural way to treat ovarian cysts?

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Ovarian cysts are not life-threatening at first, but can take a long time to turn into cancer, extremely worrying ...

Manifestations of ovarian cysts are often abdominal pain, bloating, bowel pain, menstrual problems, pelvic pain when the day comes and problems with sex, bladder pressure, vomiting ...

For a long time, the disease will be dangerous, so in addition to seeing a doctor, you can try the natural methods below, which work very well.

What is the best natural way to treat ovarian cysts?

How to treat ovarian cysts at home

Castor oil

This is one of the most classic methods of curing ovarian cysts. This oil is known as a good cleansing agent in the body. It is also a medicinal product that helps the lymphatic system clean and dissolve cysts from the body.

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How to use:

- Lie on your back, apply castor oil around the navel. A warm compress may be used to help relieve pain more effectively.
- Patients should apply 2 times / day in the early morning or before going to bed, perform 3-4 times / week for 3 consecutive months to get the best effect.

Epsom bath salts

This bath salt helps reduce pain and reduce symptoms of ovarian cysts. It is another name for mage sulfate salt, which relaxes muscles and reduces cramps.

How to use:

Put one cup of this salt in a bath with warm water, add 10 drops of lavender or rose essential oil to it. Lying down for half an hour, it will reduce the symptoms of cramps. This is one of the best home remedies to remove ovarian cysts.

What is the best natural way to treat ovarian cysts?

Chrysanthemum tea

This tea is an excellent medicine for reducing the pain caused by cysts. It also has a sedative effect on patients. Drinking this tea regularly every day will help circulate blood in the uterus, improve the pelvis, prevent cyst formation.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is high in potassium, but people who are deficient in potassium are at greater risk of ovarian cysts. You can add 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, 1 teaspoon of molasses to a cup of warm water and stir to drink. Should be taken 2 times / day to reduce pain, against cysts of the ovaries.

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Sugar beet

Beets are alkaline, preventing the formation of cysts. Mix 1/2 cup of fresh beetroot juice with a spoon of aloe vera gel and molasses. Drink every day before breakfast. This will cause the ovarian cysts to be hunted and shrunk.

What is the best natural way to treat ovarian cysts?

Hot compresses

Doing this will reduce the cramps caused by ovarian cysts. Take a heating pad with warm water, apply it on your abdomen. Leave on for about 15 minutes and repeat this as many times as you like, until you feel less pain.

These natural ways can be an effective remedy against ovarian cysts if you persevere.

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