What is stomach aches and what to eat to recover from it faster?

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Stomach aches is a very common condition in our country, the disease contains many dangerous complications. Therefor, have you ever noticed changes in your eating habits and diets to alleviate your stomach aches symptoms?

Stomach aches is a condition that occurs when the stomach is inflamed or swollen. Gastritis may occur unexpectedly (acute gastritis) or persistent (chronic gastritis). In fact, this disease is not dangerous and can quickly turn positive after treatment. However, in the long run, if chronic untreated gastritis will increase the risk of stomach cancer

To understand stomach aches and how to choose the right food, we need to understand the following symptoms of stomach aches to detect the disease early. Depending on the situation, each person's symptoms are different.

What is stomach aches and what to eat to recover from it faster?
How to reduce stomach pain

Symptoms of stomach aches are identifiable

Each person has different symptoms of warning and many people with gastritis often have no symptoms until the diagnosis. However, the following are typical signs that help us recognize stomach aches soon:

- Nausea or vomiting

- Abdominal pain in the epigastric region

- Full stomach, indigestion

- Feeling upset stomach while eating or at night

- Hiccup

- Least appetite

- Emit blood or coffee-colored mucus

- Black stool.

So when detecting the symptoms of stomach pain as above, besides using medicine to treat the disease you should pay attention to diet. Now changing the daily diet is the best idea.

Therefore, when suffering from stomach pain, patients can refer to the best foods to help your stomach recover quickly.

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Foods you should eat when you have stomach aches

White bread and white rice

Doctors share: Compared to whole wheat toast, whole-grain toast and brown rice, foods made from white flour are much easier to digest.If you are healthy, you can eat whole grain toast or whole wheat bread but when you have a stomach ache you should eat foods made from white flour.

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There are many types of bananas and each contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, which are nutritious fruits that have the ability to boost the immune system researched and recognized by nutritionists.   At the same time in a banana contains 1.1g of protein, 27.7g of carbohydrate, 74g of water, in addition there are vitamins C, B1, manganese, iron, potassium ... Potassium in bananas also support the digestive system, support better stomach ache treatment. Especially, pectin in bananas is 1 type of glucide which is extremely good for digestive system, it helps prevent intestinal infection, stimulates digestion, minimizes dyspepsia.

Sweet potato

Eating sweet potatoes regularly will help boost energy, improve digestive function, do not cause discomfort for people with stomach pain.
Given the nutritional ingredients and substances found in sweet potatoes, people with stomach aches have no reason not to eat this food every day. .

What is stomach aches and what to eat to recover from it faster?
Should stomach pain eat sweet potatoes?

Lean meat, poultry and fish

Most meat, poultry and fish are encouraged by doctors to stomach pain, so they should be tolerated. Especially best is soft lean meat, skinless poultry, seafood, fish, shellfish, tofu and soybeans. However, you should avoid processing these meats with high fats or fats and should eat them every day.

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Lentils, tofu, beans of all kinds

The fiber in legumes may help improve digestion and reduce stomach pain. So you should add more fiber to your diet.
Typically, fruits, fresh vegetables, whole grains, oats, lentils, peas are fiber-rich foods but still contain a good amount of nutrients that are both good for the stomach and ensuring adequate nutrition. for body.


Probiotics or certain types of fermented foods bring many health benefits.They can give your intestines a lot of beneficial microorganisms to increase immunity. Consume probiotic foods such as yogurt, kim-chi, and sauerkraut.These good bacteria can help fight stomach ulcers.   At the same time, to better treat gastritis, you should also make sure that you eat foods from rich food groups and for more information about good food for people with gastritis, You should ask specific advice for nutrition experts.

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