What is non-invasive sex?

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Non-invasive sex is a "love" technique, which effectively helps "fight" in the absence of any safety measures and still brings pleasure to both.

This type of relationship helps people satisfy the need for "happiness" while preventing unintended pregnancies.

What is non-penetration sex?

Non-invasive sex means "love" outside, "little boy" does not go deep into "little girl". This type of relationship is almost like a passionate foreplay but does not end with a genuinely biological sexual intercourse. This type of relationship is a "dish" of couples who are not ready to "break through" to protect virginity before marriage or couples who are "seasoned" but want to experience a new feeling.

What is non-invasive sex?

In a long-standing relationship, it's not uncommon to eat "forbidden fruit", so the experience of non-intrusive love means "loving vegetarian" can help them rediscover the feeling of their new days of love. , when the two of them were still shy when they were close. Moreover, non-intrusive sex is also a great choice to help women escape the pressure of normal sex - from the satisfaction of a partner to the pressure of "climaxing" and the anxiety of being "pregnant". . This way they can relax to enjoy the feeling of intimacy, escape the control of the will and let emotions lead the way.

Ways of non-invasive sex

What is non-invasive sex?

When sex does not invade the two sides will use many other ways to stimulate, lovingly create orgasms even though the "boy" is not discovered "the girl". To get the opponent to the top, both must know each other's sensitivity points to stimulate the right place. In order to "love" without invading, both have to flexibly manipulate their hands and tongue and have a smooth body friction. Accordingly, the skill of using the tongue is one of the points that make the opponent most excited.

It is certain that the partner will bend up in satisfaction when you use his tongue to walk around, caressing the neck, down the chest, then slowly moving down the abdomen and ending in the "periphery" of the "girl". / "boy". Once immersed in the passionate love scene, the opponent will want to receive truly intense and passionate actions.

What is non-invasive sex?

Use your hands to caress the skin, caress the right place, the right place, massage to seduce to warm the flame of desire in her. Finally, it ends with a display of tongues and hands, to bring the wealth of wealth to the extreme. After observing the opponent's body, provoking the "collective", now is the time to focus on "attacking" at the key.

When caressing with your tongue, use your hands to glide gently on each other's body. Skillfully combining the kiss and hand to create interesting feelings when approaching "that place". Need to adjust the tempo appropriately, the kissing and hand movements need to be urgently needed. Then use your finger to discover the "little girl" gently. At this point, the defense of both of them was quickly broken before the feeling of getting to the top is really no less than having a real relationship.

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