What habits cause wrinkles and skin aging quickly?

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The signs of premature aging not only come from skin care, but also depend on blemished skin touches.

Skin aging is still an obsession for women when skin elasticity begins to diminish, skin appears signs of skin aging such as wrinkled, rough skin, brown spots, dark spots, age spots, crow's feet, folds, skin lesions become much slower to recover.

Besides the objective causes due to external influences, the factor that makes your skin "aged" is the habit of using your hands to perform friction effects in vulnerable areas such as the eyes, forehead, nasal folds, ...

What habits cause wrinkles and skin aging quickly?

Solutions to use cosmetics to limit wrinkles appear sunscreen, apply moisturizer, eye cream ... but with results, but it is not really a radical solution that causes skin aging if not abandon 5 habits familiar with this.

What bad habits cause wrinkling and aging skin?

1. Rub your eyes

The eye area is the area where skin can easily see the most aging, because this is also the most sensitive area. The strong impact from the habit of rubbing the eyes every time the hand makes the skin in this area sag, wrinkled with each day, aggravating the condition of dark circles.

The pulling effect when rubbing the eyes will make this area more fragile.

Giving up the habit of rubbing your eyes will make you quite uncomfortable when the itchy eyes are unable to touch, but the trick to handle this situation without wanting to create more wrinkles is to use the tip of your finger, rub gently to rub. Soothe tinged eye area.

2. Rub your nose

In addition to the eye area, the nose area is equally sensitive.

The nose area is the place to leave the most wrinkles, just behind the eye area, because the fragile skin is affected because the habit of rubbing your hands too hard on the nose area makes wrinkles also form earlier than your age. Manual touch can also spread the bacteria from nasal fluid to the face, increasing the risk of acne. The habit of rubbing the nose with hard materials is also a sin of the skin, so only use a soft, soft cloth,

What habits cause wrinkles and skin aging quickly?

3. Pull on eye area when removing makeup

Removing eye makeup, especially eye contour and mascara is quite difficult, so they often use more force than the other skin, the impact of pulling and rubbing to remove this difficult makeup makes the skin This accumulates more and more wrinkles.

The effects of eye makeup remover also cause early signs of aging.

To make it easier to remove make-up in the eye area, limiting the strong impact causing skin aging, you should use a soft cotton pad, not cotton. Besides, you should treat the remaining residue of eyeliner and mascara with a cotton swab, limiting the contact area with the eye skin and effectively removing makeup.

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4. Anti-chin

Get rid of the habit against chin to limit the risk of aging your skin.

Sitting at the office or studying for too long can make you feel tired quickly and habitually put your hands on your chin to support your neck. However, this habit will make the skin less elastic, the facial muscles begin to sag and cause ugly wrinkles. Moreover, this habit also causes bacteria to spread from the hands to the sensitive face area, causing acne.

What habits cause wrinkles and skin aging quickly?

5. Apply eye cream too vigorously

Applying eye cream by gentle manipulation should not be too strong to backfire.

You are aware that using eye cream is a solution to protect the eye area from aging, fade dark spots, wrinkles but using eye cream improperly has the opposite effect. When applying eye cream, you should pay attention to gently manipulate, use the little ring finger with the least force, apply the cream on the skin around the eyes until absorbed, so you will completely avoid the risk of forming wrinkles.

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