What habits after exercise cause weight loss to fail?

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Want to promote optimal training effect to lose weight quickly, you need to avoid the following 6 mistakes.

Having spent exercise to lose weight, keep in shape, you cannot let your hard work into the river. And if after exercising, if you make the following mistakes, it will affect the performance of the exercise, the physique can not be slim, or worse, it may cause damage to the health. strong.

Bad habits cause weight loss to fail

1. Do not stretch

Right after completing the exercises, all you need to do is relax. This activity not only facilitates the recovery of muscle groups but also helps your body become more flexible, the ability to exercise also gradually increases.

What habits after exercise cause weight loss to fail?

2. Wait too long to eat

After strenuous exercise, your body really needs to be supplemented with nutrients, especially amino acids and carbohydrates, to repair and repair damaged muscle cells. Therefore, try to add a quality meal after 15 - 20 minutes of exercise, the body will be balanced, avoiding exhaustion.

3. Drink sugary drinks

Rehydration for the body after training is extremely necessary, however, many women instead of drinking water filtered to find sugary drinks such as coca, bottled fruit juice or even milk tea ... Sugary drinks are not good for the body, easily make your training effort into nothing. Ideally, you should only drink plain water.

What habits after exercise cause weight loss to fail?

4. Continue to participate in other physical activities

After intense training, your body needs rest and recovery. If you continue to participate in other physical activities, according to nutritionist Darin Hulslander in Chicago: "The nervous system and the body's ability to repair itself are vulnerable", so do not overdo it. after just exercising and working hard.

5. After practice, then ... just sit around all day

Just because you've exercised, doesn't mean you can't sit back and not stand up or do light activity. According to a study from the University of Missouri, USA: Sitting for a few hours is enough for your body to stop producing a type of fat-blocking enzyme called lipase. Since then, the body easily accumulates fat and become rough.

What habits after exercise cause weight loss to fail?

So, even with exercise, throughout the day, you still need to exercise flexibly every 1 hour so that the fat does not have a chance to store.

6. Eat foods that are high in bad fats

Foods that contain harmful fats are difficult to digest, they are also high in calories and easily cause your body to store excess fat. And if you don't want to get fat, you need to avoid foods like chips, pizza, cheese, cakes, etc.Instead, befriend good fat foods like : avocado, nuts and salmon.

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