What good evening habits help your body lose weight healthily and effectively quickly?

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Many people are overweight and obese due to unhealthy habits. Here is a list of 5 good habits you can do in the evening to help control your weight and promote health.  

For those who are overweight and want to lose weight, do not ignore the following advice.

First of all, you need to follow scientific weight loss methods, which means you need to start from the two most important aspects of diet control and increase exercise, exercise, and perseverance. After more than 2 months, you can lose weight safely and effectively.

However, there are still many people who want to lose weight but do it improperly so not only make themselves fat but also have the opposite effect while losing weight.

Some people think that they have had enough exercise on weekdays, if sometimes "relaxing" themselves to add a meal will not affect the weight loss process. So, dinner became an excuse for their self-indulgence.

Some people control their weight loss very well, but bad habits on weekdays remain unchanged, leading to a slower and even fatter weight loss process, which is why some People find that the more they lose weight, the fatter they become.

Therefore, the advice for you is to start changing from habits. Only from a few daily routines work to help you lose weight, the effect of removing excess fat will be better.

This is explained that, at night time, the body's calorie consumption decreases, so how to improve metabolism at night is also very difficult, the best way is to check control the amount of food eaten.

What good evening habits help your body lose weight healthily and effectively quickly?

Good habits help you lose weight safely and effectively

Here are habits that help the body "burn" excess fat, lose weight healthily

1, Drink a glass of water before dinner

This glass of water can control your appetite, so you won't eat too much and eat in excess of the maximum number of calories possible when you enjoy dinner. If you do not drink water - as a "trick" to deceive your stomach, you eat too much at dinner, resulting in excess calories, the body will quickly get fat.

Eating too nutritious at night is not only difficult to digest but also makes it very difficult to have a small waist. Therefore, a glass of water before dinner is very important, it can also help you clean up the leftovers that are accumulated in the stomach and intestinal tract, creating more digestive space for a more convenient and effective dinner. .

2, Try to chew slowly while eating

When eating, most people are not aware of how eating helps the body to digest well, absorb nutrients effectively and can lose weight, which is to actively make yourself eat slowly and eat less.

Some fat people will often feel hungry when they sit at the dinner table, so they will eat immediately when sitting at the table, even eat very fast and difficult to control the speed of chewing. As a result, a meal can be ended after only 10 minutes.

What good evening habits help your body lose weight healthily and effectively quickly?

At this rate, you'll know why fat people can get fatter each day.

In contrast, thin people are very picky eaters, maintaining a very slow eating speed. Even if they eat vegetables, they will be chewed slowly, and meat will be even slower.

Therefore, the advice for you is to eat slowly at dinner, chew carefully to small and smooth food before swallowing, that's the most important thing!

3, After dinner should not continue to drink broth, or do not drink water immediately after meals

Many people feel full enough after eating, but they still drink another bowl of soup or drink water after a meal. This is a fairly common habit, although not a bad problem, but if you are overweight, you should be careful.

Because the soup itself has an abundance of calories. Drinking soup or drinking water easily relaxes the stomach, in the long run will make your stomach bigger, not only make you fatter but also risk the stomach.

If you want to drink broth, it is best to drink before meals. This is the best way to protect the stomach and control weight.

4, Do not sit still after a meal

Do not exercise hard at night is natural, but also should not sit still after a meal.

You can stand gently or do some light activity for 30 minutes or walk for about 1 hour with light intensity. This low-intensity exercise will not affect sleep at night.

What good evening habits help your body lose weight healthily and effectively quickly?

Exercise can also promote digestion and absorption of the stomach and intestines, and help you sleep better.

The habit of sitting still after a meal will make the stomach and intestines difficult to function, prone to abdominal pain. Sitting a lot after a meal, you will sooner or later have a layer of belly fat like a swimming float wrapped around you.

5, Pay attention to ensure sleep before 23h

This habit is the simplest, but up to 80% of us are unable to do it.

The 22-23pm time frame is the best time to sleep. After 23 hours, the body enters a state of self-regulation and the body begins to secrete hormones.

If you stay up all night, it will not only inhibit your body's hormone secretion, it will also cause cortisol to increase, while also inhibiting the secretion of leptin.

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