What foods should not be eaten together as it can cause poisoning and death?

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Some people believe that the more foods you eat, the better. However, not everyone understands that there are foods that cannot be combined because it can cause poisoning or even death.

There are a number of products that when eaten together will have chemical reactions that make from healing to toxic or reducing the trace elements found in foods into foods that have no nutritional value to replenish muscles. more like: Vitamin A enhances the synthesis of proteins, vitamin C promotes iron absorption ...

On the other hand, in the process of food processing, the combination of some foods with incompatible ingredients will create substances that are unhealthy.

We must know that there are very incompatible foods. If you eat together will create toxins that make you poisoned, vomiting, abdominal pain, even life-threatening.

What foods should not be eaten together as it can cause poisoning and death?

What foods should not be eaten together?

Good cooking, beautiful presentation is not enough, but the dishes still need to be combined properly. In fact, there are foods that cannot be eaten at the same time because of incompatibility, which can cause unhealthy reactions, sometimes even life-threatening.

Eggs and soy milk

Soy milk is rich in protein and essential amino acids, especially containing the active ingredient isoflavones that work very well for women. Not only is it good for the cardiovascular system, it should be added that soybeans have very little sugar powder, so it is also beneficial for patients who are overweight, obese or diabetic.

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However, absolutely do not drink soy with chicken eggs because the albumin in the egg white of the chicken easily combined with the substance tripxin in soy milk produces substances that are difficult to absorb with the human body, losing value. nutrition.

Spinach and tofu

Tofu is high in two substances, magnesium chloride and calcium sulfate, while spinach contains oxalic acid. When combined, it produces magnesium oxalate and calcium oxalate, two indigestible precipitates that can affect calcium absorption as well as cause kidney stones.

What foods should not be eaten together as it can cause poisoning and death?

Animal liver with carrots, celery

In animal liver, the content of copper, iron and some other metallic elements is quite high. The metal ions are easy to make the vitamin C in vegetables, tubers, fruits oxidize and lose its effectiveness. In addition, vegetables, tubers, fruits contain cellulose and oxalic acid affect the absorption of iron by the body.

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Seafood and ginseng

According to traditional medicine, seafood hyperventilates, while ginseng boosts gas, two things cancel each other out, causing harm to the user. When using ginseng, you need to abstain from all kinds of white and red radish and seafood ... because they are hydrophobic.

Cucumber with tomatoes

Because cucumbers contain an enzyme that breaks down VitaminC, eating cucumbers with tomatoes or foods rich in VitaminC will not be good because it reduces the body's ability to absorb Vitamin C.

Goat meat and tea

Dog meat and goat meat are rich in protein. If you just eat dog or goat meat and drink tea immediately, the tanic acid in tea water will combine into protein in dog or goat meat to form tannalbin, which will astringent intestinal mucosa, reducing bowel motility, which can easily lead to constipation, the risk of causing cancer.

What foods should not be eaten together as it can cause poisoning and death?

Beef and chestnut

Beef and chestnuts are both good for the stomach. However, chestnuts contain vitaminC, which can react with the ingredients in beef and reduce the nutritional value of chestnuts. This combination may also be bad for digestion and indigestion.

Shrimp and food with vitamin C

Those who ate shrimp but also ate a lot of vitamin C on the same day were joking with their health. Shrimp contain a compound that can react with vitamin C to produce arsenic toxin.

Milk with chocolate

This sounds unbelievable. But milk and chocolate should not be eaten together. Milk is rich in protein and calcium, while chocolate is oxalic acid, so if eaten together, it creates insoluble calcium oxalate, causing indigestion and even diarrhea.

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Chicken belly caviar

Turtle meat contains many bioactive substances, chicken eggs are high quality protein, the two things eating will lead to metamorphic protein; reduce the nutritional value, pregnant women and women should not eat.

Drinking water contains lactic acid and ham

A lot of people like to eat sandwiches with yogurt. However, ham and ham in sandwiches when consumed with yogurt can cause cancer. To extend the shelf life of meat products, manufacturers have added nitrates to prevent spoilage and prevent Botulinum - a neurotoxin created by bacteria. When nitrate encounters organic acids, it will turn into nitrosamine - a carcinogen.

What foods should not be eaten together as it can cause poisoning and death?

Lamb and watermelon

Lamb is a hot food, while watermelon is cold, if eaten together, the nutritional efficiency of lamb will be significantly reduced. For people with weakened spleen (spleen), eating these two foods at the same time can cause additional damage to the spleen and can affect the stomach.

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