What foods are high in collagen help rejuvenate the skin and prevent wrinkles?

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Collagen is an indispensable ingredient for a healthy and smooth skin. In addition to the addition of specialized cosmetics, girls should supplement yourself with collagen-rich foods in the following article.

You know, at the age of 25, the collagen content has lost about 1-1.5%, the older this rate increases. This makes our skin appear signs of aging such as dull skin, wrinkles, ...
Therefore, the addition of collagen becomes a necessary work to improve the signs of aging and beautify the skin. One of the most effective ways to replenish collagen is from food for daily use.

What foods are high in collagen help rejuvenate the skin and prevent wrinkles?

What foods are high in collagen?

Here are 14 foods that you can use daily to replenish collagen:


Salmon is a food that contains a lot of collagen and omega 3 for health. According to research, salmon contains minerals that help stimulate collagen production. In addition, omega 3 in salmon is also an important substance to help firm, fresh skin.

Therefore, you should eat salmon about 2 times / week for skin beauty and good for health.


Garlic is a food that few people think of as having beauty uses. But garlic contains sulfur, alpha-lipoic and taurine to stimulate and increase the ability to produce natural collagen effectively. You can add garlic in your daily meals.

What foods are high in collagen help rejuvenate the skin and prevent wrinkles?

Soy bean

Soy and soy foods such as milk, cheese, oil, ... are rich in genistein. This is a substance that stimulates collagen production for the body, helps protect the skin and reduces aging. You can add soy every day with just enough content to beautify the skin and purify the body.


Eggs, especially in egg yolks, contain a special protein, collagen. In addition, sulfur in eggs is also essential for liver detoxification and collagen production.

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Foods rich in Vitamin C

Vitamin C and collagen are considered to be the great match to beautify the skin and increase the body's resistance. Fruits rich in vitamin C contain proline - an essential chemical in the production of collagen.

What foods are high in collagen help rejuvenate the skin and prevent wrinkles?

Green vegetables

Do you still hear that eating green vegetables every day will help beautify your skin? Indeed, green vegetables contain abundant sources of minerals that help prevent the breakdown of collagen of the body.

In addition, green vegetables also contain chlorophyll with the ability to increase the amount of procollagen - a magical compound that helps protect the skin against the radiation of ultraviolet rays and free radicals, preventing premature aging.


Tomatoes are lycopene-rich fruits, which can inhibit the destruction of collagen structure by removing collagenases. Lycopene is also a substance that helps stimulate the collagen synthesis for the body, helps to beautify the skin. So, drink at least 1 glass of tomato juice every day.


Carrots and red foods are often high in vitamin A. Vitamin A helps slow down the breakdown of collagen, elastin helps the skin not to age prematurely. In addition, eating carrots every day also helps the body regenerate collagen and enhance blood circulation, helping your skin always white and healthy for your health.

What foods are high in collagen help rejuvenate the skin and prevent wrinkles?


Avocado has long been considered a beauty elixir, rich in collagen. In addition, avocado also contains many minerals and antioxidant vitamins, supporting the destruction of free radicals.

Add a half or an avocado a day to provide collagen, omega and skin health-promoting nutrients.


You've probably heard that honey is good for the intestinal tract and relieves coughing if you use sugar-steamed honey. Not only that, honey also helps the skin to regenerate and produce collagen very effectively.

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