What foods are addictive but harmful to health?

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The following foods are misleading to many people as being healthy, but they can actually be a potential cause of cancer, cardiovascular disease and many other problems.

Understanding what foods to avoid is just as important as knowing what you should eat.

Here are 10 foods that "stand out" because of the risk they pose to the body if eaten. In other words, you should limit eating if you do not want to be infected

What foods are addictive but harmful to health?

These foods are harmful to health

Breakfast cereal

The culprit is sugar, especially when combined with low-fiber grains. Pay attention to external nutrition information. The advice for those who like this food is to choose grains with less than 4 grams of sugar per pack.

Cheese burger

Eating a lot of burgers not only causes you to gain weight but also has many other dangers: Eating too much red meat increases the likelihood of cancer, kidney damage, type 2 diabetes and other illnesses.

What foods are addictive but harmful to health?

Microwave popcorn

The real risk lies in the contour of the popcorn bag when turned in the microwave. They contain a chemical called perfluoroctanic acid (PFOA), which is harmful to health.

French fries

French fries are a tremendous pressure for dieters. This is a product of sugar, fat and salt.

What foods are addictive but harmful to health?


Research suggests that sugary foods from right in the womb and during childhood will make people feel like and crave more sugar when growing up. If you don't pay attention to your child's diet or yourself, you can become a sweet candy addict.

Soft drink

You may not know that towering sugars in carbonated beverages will raise your blood sugar. Over time, it will cause your body to become insulin resistant and develop diabetes. And obviously, soft drinks can't help you get your perfect waist.

What foods are addictive but harmful to health?


The more harmful a pizza goes through its processing, the more harmful it is, try to find pizzas with a fresh ingredient and contain less cheese, since these foods usually undergo less processing. If you make your own pizza, then use cauliflower flour, still delicious and healthy.


Chocolate chocoholics have been identified as having the same physical, behavioral, and emotional responses as controlling addicts. Dark chocolate with a high concentration of cocoa will provide some health benefits, however, processed chocolate with solid milk, oils, fats and sugars is the reason you are constantly thinking about. .

What foods are addictive but harmful to health?

Processed meat

Processed meat is delicious and addictive, but a new WHO study has confirmed a link between eating a lot of processed meat and rectal cancer. Unfortunately, the list of processed foods being red alert not only includes sausages and bacon, but also salted meat, ham ...


Sugar is a highly addictive substance, with several studies done on mice when eating sugar in large quantities, the amount of dopamine produced would be greater. The release of dopamine in the body more like you are abusing some drugs.

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