What dangerous habits can cause cancer?

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Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally and more and more young people suffer from the evil.

There is a fact to be acknowledged that: Cancer is "metastasizing" as its "habit". Currently, the number of people with cancer is increasing day by day, now they are healthy, going to see a doctor tomorrow, getting diagnosed with stage few cancer is no longer a very strange story.

Cancer-causing habits come from everyday lifestyles such as staying up late, being inactive, smoking ... Read the following article to better understand the causes, danger levels, cancers.

What dangerous habits can cause cancer?

Bad habits can cause cancer

1. Smoking causes lung cancer, throat cancer

In cigarette smoke contains thousands of toxic substances to the body, of which up to 50 can cause cancer, especially lung cancer, nasopharynx cancer, larynx, mouth, bladder and pancreas. Smokers are 22 times more likely to develop lung cancer. An alarming number, right?

Everyone knows the unpredictable harm comes from cigarettes but leaving them is very difficult. People have devised electronic cigarettes to replace traditional cigarettes. This type of cigarette does not require a cigarette lighter, gives off smoke that smells like essential oils, and has a lower content of Nicotine.

What dangerous habits can cause cancer?

You thought it was less harmful. But no, in 2015 US scientists issued a statement that e-cigarette smokers are 15 times more likely to get cancer than regular cigarettes.

The poison comes from the product Formaldehyde, which is produced when nicotine and odorants are burned in electronic cigarettes. Japanese scientists claim e-cigarettes contain 10 times more carcinogens than regular cigarettes.

And one more alarming thing is that smoking not only affects the health of smokers but also causes higher cancer for those around them to breathe in the smoke.

So, right now, you or your loved one stop this dangerous habit immediately.

2. Drinking alcohol causes liver cancer

Alcohol is considered the enemy of the liver. Because the liver is a detox place, contains many enzymes that play a role in the metabolism of alcohol in alcohol. The habit of drinking lots of alcohol is extremely harmful to liver cells.

When the liver has to work too hard to metabolize harmful substances in the body like beer, it becomes exhausted. The liver cells are damaged, form scar tissue and develop into fatty liver, the liver will become inflamed for a long time, then progress to cirrhosis, the pathway from cirrhosis to liver cancer is very short.

What dangerous habits can cause cancer?

For people who have a habit of drinking alcohol every day, especially alcoholics, the risk of developing liver cancer is 4-5 times higher than normal people.

Do not because the fun, too much time that damage your liver you because cancer does not exclude anyone!

3. The habit of staying up late causes cancer

A dynamic society today, it seems that a day with 24 hours is too little, people work night shifts, stay up late at work, study or even just play on the phone. A day can last up to 20 hours and you only sleep for 4 hours. Maybe you feel quite normal now. You are still healthy, awake active, working. But beware, this habit is potentially risky.

The circadian rhythm of the body has been fixed to the rhythm of the day and night. The day of activity and the arrival of night are the time for the whole body to rest and recharge for tomorrow to wake up.

What dangerous habits can cause cancer?

Staying up late will upset your circadian clock. The metabolism and release of hormones are disturbed, especially Melanin. And this is the risk factor for your body to generate mutant cells, weakened immune system, cancer cells have the opportunity to grow.

Please respect the laws of nature and listen to your body before it's too late!

4. Fasting bowel cause colon cancer

Fasting bowel movement is not only a cause of constipation, but in the long term it also has the risk of colorectal cancer.

When the bowel fails to pass, the stool will accumulate in the body, specifically the colon. Feces is waste and toxins of the body. Therefore, when it stays within a few days it will be toxic to the local organ is the colon.

What dangerous habits can cause cancer?

When the body is sad to go to the toilet, it is best to defecate within 1-2 hours, not to take longer to several days and should not prolong this condition!

If it is difficult to go too, you also need the help of stools.

5. Sedentary habits cause cancer easily

Lazy habits are most common in office workers. Because of the peculiar nature of working on computers, the limited amount of time leading to people of modern society only uses the brain to get used to other limbs.

Did you know there are 135,000 cases of cancer related to inactivity in the world? The most susceptible cancers in the sedentary people are colorectal cancer, ovarian cancer, bladder ... cancers related to living habits.

The above bad habits can cause important health problems such as cancer. So, build a healthy lifestyle now and eliminate cancer-causing habits from your life!

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