What cooking habits are harmful to health?

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Toxins produced during food processing can adversely affect health and even increase the risk of certain types of cancer.

When cooking, there are unhealthy habits that affect the health of the whole family that many people do not pay attention to. Here are the bad habits we should quit when cooking.

Cooking habits are harmful to health

Cooking food at high temperatures increases your risk of cancer

According to the British Food Standards Agency, cooking food at high temperatures (such as frying, frying or baking) can produce acrylamide, a chemical used in the industry to produce paper, dyes, and plastics. and is considered a potential risk factor for cancer

What cooking habits are harmful to health?

Carbohydrate-rich foods (carbohydrates), such as potatoes, tubers, toast, cereals, coffee, cakes and biscuits, are the most sensitive. Chemical reactions can occur when the starches in these foods begin to turn dark or start to burn. Therefore, it is important to avoid overcooking these foods at high temperatures.

Kitchen smoke and lung cancer

The effects of cooking are not only transmitted by what is put into the mouth, but also what we breathe. A 2017 study published in the Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Cancer found that exposure to cooking oil increases the risk of lung cancer. Because they contain aldehydes, a chemical considered carcinogenic.

What cooking habits are harmful to health?

Sunflower oil, in particular, has a higher risk of producing aldehydes than other cooking oils during frying or frying pans. Therefore, you should give preference to the use of low-unsaturated cooking oils, such as palm oil or canola oil.

Change cooking habits

Over the past century, cooking techniques have evolved and become more diverse. The advent of household appliances like microwaves or ovens makes cooking even easier. Scientific studies show that the best cooking technique to keep vitamins and nutrients in food is to prioritize short cooking times and use as little liquid as possible.

While some methods of cooking are potentially risky, completely avoiding cooked foods can be even more dangerous. A German study of people on a re-practiced diet for several years found the effects of such a diet. Men lose about 9 kg, while women lose about 12 kg. And at the end of the study, a significant percentage of these women were underweight and about one-third of menstrual women lost their regularity.

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